Internet in the 90's

Teens watch the 90’s era instructional video, Kids’ Guide to The Internet and discuss how the internet has evolved over time.






Knowledge is the life of the mind

MSN Messenger

Asking for someones MSN,

not their phone number


The first version of MSN Messenger Service
was released July 22, 1999.

It included only basic features,
such as plain text messaging
and a simplistic contact list.

It was a direct rival to AOL’s popular
AIM instant messenger.

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Discover what websites used to look like


With about 456 billion web pages saved over time the Wayback Machine contains a great collection of snapshots from websites since it started in 1996.

Take a trip in the Wayback Machine



The day the music was set free


Napster was envisioned as an independent peer-to-peer file sharing service. Its technology allowed people to easily share their MP3 files with other participants.

Napster was co-founded by Shawn Fanning, John Fanning, and Sean Parker.

The service operated between June 1999 and July 2001.

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Playing media in the 90’s

Winamp player

Winamp and RealPlayer were both popular media players during the 90’s.

The first version of Winamp was released in 1997 and grew quickly popular with over 3 million downloads, paralleling the developing trend of MP3 file sharing. By 2000, Winamp had over 25 million registered users.

The first version of RealPlayer was introduced in April 1995 as “RealAudio Player” and was one of the first media players capable of streaming media over the Internet.

RealPlayer was initially accessed by many users as a plugin to watch streaming video or listen to streaming audio but in the early 21st century, Adobe Flash and subsequently HTML5 video became preferred options for this purpose.



One of the first internet memes

The Hampster Dance was one of the earliest internet memes.

Until January 1999, only 800 visits were recorded (about 4 per day),
but without warning, the number jumped to 15,000 per day.

The web site spread by e-mail, early blogs, and bumper stickers.

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The evolution of the Web

In this visualisation the interaction between

web technologies and browsers,

which brings to life the many powerful

web apps that we use daily.

Popular search engines in the 90’s

See how the web designs of ubiquitous

search engines of the past

have evolved through time.

Websites from brands during the 90's

A look back on the earliest versions

of major company websites.

Be surprised by the website trends in the 90’s!

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