The DeepSec IDSC is an annual European two-day in-depth conference on computer, network, and application security. DeepSec IDSC 2014 will be held from November 18th to 21th 2014 at the Imperial Riding School Vienna, and aims to bring together the leading security experts from all over the world.


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The Imperial Riding School Vienna – A Renaissance Hotel
Ungargasse 60
Vienna 1030

Conference program

The conference program can be viewed here.


  • 12-11-2014 | DeepSec 2014 Talk: The IPv6 Snort Plugin – Read more
  • 29-10-2014 | DeepSec 2014 Talk: Build Yourself a Risk Assessment Tool – Read more
  • 28-10-2014 | DeepSec 2014 Talk: Cloud-based Data Validation Patterns… We need a new Approach! – Read more

The Imperial Riding School Vienna - A Renaissance Hotel


Sicherheitskonferenz DeepSec legt Fokus auf Kommunikation und Wissen

03-11-2014 | Die Highlights des Programms thematisieren Hintertüren in Serverhardware, Schwachstellen in kryptographischen Anwendungen, Schwächen im Internetprotokoll der nächsten Generation (IPv6), Aufspüren von Schadsoftware und neue Wege vernetzte Systeme zu kompromittieren. Read more

'Conferences are not intended to create bad memories, only good ones' DeepSec organizer René Pfeiffer

01-10-2014 | DeepSec is the second hacker conference to adopt a public, enforceable anti-harassment policy in response to the Ada Initiative’s article about pervasive harassment of women at several hacker conferences.

We interviewed René Pfeiffer, one of the organizers of DeepSec about the conference, why they adopted a policy, and what they are looking forward to at future DeepSec conferences. Read more