Hacking at Random (HAR)

Hacking at Random was an outdoor hacker conference that took place in the Netherlands from August 13 to August 16, 2009.

This conference was the second most recent event in a sequence that began with the Galactic Hacker Party in 1989, followed by Hacking at the End of the Universe in 1993, Hacking In Progress in 1997, Hackers At Large in 2001, and What the Hack in 2005, and succeeded by “Observe. Hack. Make.” in 2013.

Like these well-known predecessors, Hacking at Random was one of the most important hacker conventions of the year bringing together hackers and techno-enthusiasts from all over the world.


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near Vierhouten
The Netherlands

Conference program

The archived conference program can be viewed here.


Hacking at Random (HAR)


Cracking GSM phone crypto via distributed computing

25-08-2009 | Researcher wants people to contribute computing resources to create an open-source code book anyone can use to decode the encryption that secures mobile phone communications. Read more

Hacking at Random: more bandwidth, more far-sightedness, more future

19-08-2009 | The hackers’ summer camp at Vierhouten in the Netherlands, Hacking at Random, has come to an end without any major events or serious injuries. Inspired by the many hacks they discussed in their tents on that extensive site, the members of the “scene” have dispersed once again to their European enclaves.  Read more

Live as if you are already in the future at hacker camp

17-08-2009 | Every four years, the Netherlands countryside is invaded by roughly 2500 people obsessed with technology. Together they build a futurist experiment, a massively hacked data network, and a party. Here’s a gallery of last weekend’s Hacking At Random camp. Read more

A portable hard drive shredder for every office!

14-08-2009 | Doesn’t this plate of sliced hard drive look delicious? It was created in less than a minute by a refrigerator-sized machine that can slice hard drives up like bread, using 19.8 tons of pressure. Want to see it in action? I’m reporting to you from the Dutch hacker conference Hacking At Random, where I got to watch CMGG’s Christian Mesu demonstrate its portable hard drive shredder. Read more

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