Notacon is an art and technology conference which takes place annually in Cleveland, Ohio.

While many hacker conventions focus on the mechanics or political issues that surround such activities, Notacon’s focus is more on the underlying beauty or artistry of the technique of hacking, as well as other ways to apply a “hacker mentality” to the areas of art and music.

Hence, in addition to topics of technology and computer security, many aspects of both the art and music world are represented.

The concept of “community through technology” is one of the main focuses of Notacon, with the participants being dedicated to the advancement of computer technology.


Conference information


Cleveland Marriott East
26300 Harvard Rd
Warrensville Heights, OH 44122
United States

Conference program

Not available at the moment.


  • 14-10-2014 | Next meeting: Wed. Oct 29th @ 8PM – Read more
  • 31-05-2014 | The future of Notacon: Open community meeting today! – Read more
  • 09-04-2014 | The end of an era – Read more

Marriott Cleveland East


The end of an era

09-04-2014 | This weekend, April 10-13, 2014, will be Notacon 11. The last Notacon, apparently.

The first Notacon I attended was Notacon 2. I was less than impressed, as it seemed like the most poorly organized event that I had ever gone to. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was because the event was not put together by professional event planners, but by a bunch of geeks who were no older than me, who didn’t see any reason why they couldn’t do something they thought would be cool. But in those first years, the execution wasn’t quite at the level of the vision yet. Read more

Social-Engineering your audience at Notacon

17-04-2014 | I was sitting at home the night before Notacon, and decided well I can go the usual and normal route and just go through my slides show some wicked cool stuff, and be done with a good talk. Instead, I decided this is a good opportunity to mess with my audience and do something unique. Read more

Social network bots presentation and my recap from Notacon 6

21-04-2014 | I’m back from Notacon 6 that took place in Cleveland over the weekend and finally have some time to get a post up. All I have to say is…wow. What a great con! This was my first Notacon (yeah, I live in Cleveland…sad I know) and I was totally impressed!  Read more