Project Honeystick

What happens when you lose your cell phone and it’s picked up by a stranger? Do they try and return it? Do they rifle through your data?

Watch what really happens in this video reconstruction of Symantec’s Project Honeystick.





Knowledge is the life of the mind

It’s not the device itself that’s so valuable to victims of stolen smartphones,

but the data stored on those smartphones.


of theft victims would pay $1,000 to retrieve their stolen smartphones

According to Lookout, which worked with IDG Research to conduct the study, between 50% of phone theft victims would pay $500 to get their devices back.

The results are based on 2,403 responses from participants who said they have had their smartphone stolen at some point.

Left on a bus bench, Phone #32 went on a 4-day journey.

Its social networking, passwords, webmail,

and online banking apps were accessed throughout the trip.

Six cities, 60 phones, no privacy

Symantec Canada ‘lost’ 60 smartphones across the country in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

Then it tracked what happened to them.

The number of smartphones stolen dropped in 2014 by


in London


in San Francisco


in New York

According to Consumer Reports 3.1 million Americans

were the victims of smartphone theft in 2013,

up from 1.6 million in 2012.

Track a lost smartphone, tablet or PC

Don’t wait until you’ve lost

your hardware to think about this —

these features need to be enabled ahead of time.

The secret world of stolen smartphones

In 2009, roughly 5 percent of the global population owned a smartphone.

Before 2015 is out, that number is expected to hit 35 percent,

or 2.5 billion people—approximately the populations

of China and India combined.

Lost smartphone? 6 Free tracking apps

One of these handy iPhone or Android apps

can help you locate it fast.

It’s a bit like having jumper cables in your car;

you never know when you’ll need them.

Smartphone thefts rose last year

Consumers lose about $2.5 billion per year

through the combined cost of replacing

stolen phones and taking out.

premium insurance on their phones

Tips to keep your smartphone secure

No matter which phone you have,

when using a PIN or password,

don’t use obvious things like “1234”, “1111”,

or any easily guessable combination.

2014 Mobile threat report

2014 saw an astounding 75% increase in Android

mobile malware encounter rates

in the United States compared to 2013.

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